Knox Solutions

A Knox Box is a rapid-entry system designed to provide secure emergency access to a home or property to those living alone or with a history of medical problems. 

About the Knox Box Program

When a fire breaks out or there is a medical emergency, a Knox Box allows the Fire Department to gain immediate access to the home without forced entry damage or delay. The boxes are a vault-style metal box with a door hanger attached and are meant to be placed over the top of the resident’s front entry door. Inside the box, a key to the residence is securely placed for access by emergency crews.

To request a Knox Product for installation within the City Limits, please visit our Department's Knox page.

Once your request is submitted through the Knox website, it will be reviewed by the Office of Fire Prevention. You will be notified via email with an approval or denial of purchase. If approved, you may then move forward with the purchase of your product.

The City of St. Helena does not handle approvals of Knox products outside the City Limits, as it is not within our jurisdiction, and requires a different access key.

If you are interested in finding out more about how the Knox box program works, please call the St. Helena Fire Department.