Emergency Preparedness

This is your one-stop source of information for emergency preparedness. Because the City of St. Helena is exposed to a variety of hazards, it is critical that residents and visitors be prepared ahead of time.

Be Prepared for an Emergency

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Note: The information on this website is provided under the California Emergency Services Act (California Government Code section 8550 et seq.) and for informational purposes only. The information on this website: 

  • Is necessarily general and not intended to be a complete guide to all things that can or should be done in the event of an emergency
  • Is subject to change at any time including in the event of an emergency
  • May not apply to your specific needs and/or circumstances in the event of any emergency

Emergency preparedness is your responsibility. Relevant information regarding a particular emergency may be different than the information provided on this website. All persons should consult relevant authorities for information regarding a particular emergency. There are many sources of information for emergency preparedness and all persons should consult as many resources as possible.