The City of St. Helena has a long history of public support for library service. As early as 1875 there was movement underway to establish a library. The current building at 1492 Library Lane was constructed in 1979 and named for a much-loved local physician, Dr. George Wood and his wife, Elsie. The Woods were also major donors and long-time supporters of the library.

The library currently houses over 60,000 books, DVDs, books on CD, CDs, newspapers, magazines, microfilm, and other media. Also part of the library collection is the Napa Valley Wine Library, consisting of some 3,500 titles and over 6,000 items.

Mission Statement

The St. Helena Public Library's mission is to provide a safe environment, free to all, with opportunities and resources to inspire lifelong learning, reading, discovery, and delight; to provide support for individual and community education and growth; and to connect members of our diverse community through welcoming spaces, outreach, expertise, technology, and innovation.

Vision Statement

The St. Helena Public Library seeks to foster the spirit of exploration, lifelong learning, joy of reading, and pursuit of information and knowledge for all and strives to support the growth of the community through education and empowerment.

Adopted by the St. Helena Library Board of Trustees, April 2021.

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