Hunter Subdivision

The Proposed Project includes a Tentative Map to subdivide the 16.9-acre parcel into 51 single-family lots, a 3.4-acre multi-family parcel, a 0.06-acre remainder parcel, and a 0.04-acre parcel to contain an existing agricultural well. Although the only entitlement being sought at this time is a Tentative Map, the applicant intends to build 51 single-family and 11 accessory dwelling units on the lots created by the proposed Tentative Map. The applicant also intends to construct 25 multi-family units on the 3.4-acre parcel. An agricultural well on the 0.04-acre parcel is proposed to remain in place to supply water for all onsite landscaping and other outdoor uses. The Project also includes grading of the site, construction of the extensions of Adams Street and Starr Avenue, construction of local residential streets, and installation of utility lines.

The Draft EIR considers the impacts of the project as described above. Future discretionary approvals, including an Affordable Housing Agreement, design review, and a conditional use permit will be required before development of the Project can proceed.

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