The men and women of the St. Helena Police Department would like to welcome you to the St. Helena Police Department's webpage.

A tradition of personal, efficient, and courteous service to the community has been the goal of the St. Helena Police Department for more than 70 years since its inception in 1940. With the update to the Department's website, we hope to enhance your knowledge of police operations and to make our operation more open and accessible to the public.

Our Police Department is committed to providing excellent service to the St. Helena community.

As we work to maintain policing needs despite tight City budgets, the St. Helena Police Department, while remembering past traditions, works to incorporate innovative strides in technology to better serve the community.

We are honored to be your police department and to have the opportunity to serve you and the St. Helena community.

2023 to 2024 Goals

  • Continue Succession Planning by sending a Lieutenant to the FBI Nation Academy
  • Install the last two Flock License Plate Readers.
  • Replace School Resource Officer.
  • Evaluate Dispatch co-location options for long-term stability and community benefits.
  • Fill vacant Officer and Dispatch positions.
  • Increase Emergency Evacuation Drills by adding one community genasys Protect (formerly Zonehaven) area annually.
  • Create presentations and increase public awareness of CA Red Flag Gun Laws.
  • Assist Napa Valley College in creating a new Police Academy and local in-service training program.
  • Create an Officer Wellness Program.