Building Resources

Effective immediately, Residential Solar PV and ESS Permits and Kitchen and Bathroom Remodel Permits will now be Over-the-Counter Permits, using the provided Kitchen or Bathroom Remodel Worksheet and Solar PV and ESS Worksheet. No plans are required when the project complies with the conditions listed on the checklists. For more information, email the Building Division

As of January 1, 2019, all Building and Fire Permits will be valid for 365 days from the date of issuance and each inspection will extend the life of the permit another 365 days.

The Building Department now requires three 24-inch by 36-inch plan sets, one 11-inch by 17-inch set of civil plans (residential), and four 24-inch by 36-inch plan sets for commercial projects. Both require two sets of supporting documents.

  • Fire sprinkler submittals require four 24-inch by 36-inch plan sets and two sets of supporting documents
  • Generator Plans require three sets of plans and two 11-inch by 17-inch plan sets and two sets of supporting documents

Tent applications need at least two full working days (48 hours), excluding weekends and holidays, from the time of submission for review and approval before a permit can be issued and an inspection can be scheduled.