If you would like to turn in plans digitally for submission please email the Building Division with PDF copies of all documents required including, but not limited to:

  • Completed Building Permit Application
  • Plans that include:
    • Site plan; needs to clearly show the distance from structures and all property lines. Generators must have at least three feet minimum setback from property lines, minimum distance from structures or other obstructions (usually 18 inches minimum per manufacturer), and minimum setback from openable windows per manufacturer.
    • One-line diagram showing electrical conduit size(s), conductor size, type, and rating (must have THWN rating for all outdoor installations), gas line size, and length from meter to generator.
    • Manufacturer's cut sheets showing generator size (KW rating), engine HP, noise level at full-load (must be 65 dBA or less at 50 feet), width, length, and height of generator.

Some projects may require some or all of the listed additional documents and/or additional documents not listed.

  • Electrical Worksheet
  • Owner-Builder Disclosure Form (PDF)
  • HOA Pre-Approval
    • Wet signed letter, or wet signature of approval on site plans (all copies)
  • Contractor Agent Authorization Form

Plan check fees are due at the time of submission regardless of whether it is a physical submission or electronic submission. These can be paid via phone with a credit card or in person. No review of plans will commence without plan check fees paid. The amount due for the plan check will depend on whether it is residential or commercial.

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