Counter Traffic Report (Traffic Collision)

Police car overlooking city

Counter Report (Traffic Collision)

Counter Reports are for traffic accidents that citizens are involved in and meet one or more of the following:

  • Collision occurred on private property
  • After-the-fact non-injury accidents where the parties have left the scene and have exchanged information
  • Private property hit-and-run accidents with no evidence/insufficient evidence leading to the identification of the other party involved in the collision

A Counter Report is filled out by the reporting party and signed as a true statement of fact. A Counter Report requires your information and the other parties' information (Name, Address, Vehicle, Location, Drawing of Scene, etc.). Once filled out, you would submit it to the Police Department. After submission, a case number will be assigned and the report will be kept on file at the St. Helena Police Department for documentation and insurance purposes.

If you need a copy of the report, you may request a copy of the completed counter report by submitting a "Request for Police Report."