Water Treatment

The Water Treatment Division of the Public Works Department provides water from three sources: Bell Canyon Reservoir, Stonebridge Wells, and water purchased from the City of Napa. It is staffed by three licensed water treatment operators who are fully licensed in water treatment and provide standby operation of the City's treatment plant. This division is responsible for monthly, quarterly, and annual monitoring of all water quality aspects of the system. The treatment plant annually produces more than 500 million gallons of potable water in conformance with State water quality standards.

Water Distribution

The Water Distribution Division of the Public Works Department is responsible for the distribution portion of the City's water system, providing water to users at all times at pressures and quantities required. This division has one supervisor, one lead worker, and two maintenance workers that maintain all water distribution piping, and facilities with the system.

The Water Distribution Division also performs all meter readings, provides customer service, responds to complaints and requests, performs fire hydrant maintenance and testing, repairs water leaks, and enforces the Cross Connection Control ordinance.

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