Water Conservation & Rebates

Save Our Water Video Promoting Water Conservation & Use Efficiency

Save Our Water Tips

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Around the House

  • Fill the bathtub halfway or less
  • Install Aerators
  • Recycle indoor water and irrigate your garden
  • Turn off water when brushing teeth and shaving
  • Fix leaks
  • Install high-efficiency toilets
  • Take 5-minute (or less) showers
  • Wash full loads of clothes and dishes

Around the Yard

  • Use water-wise plants
  • Reimagine your yard
  • Use drought-resistant trees and plants
  • Adjust sprinkler heads and fix leaks
  • Install drip irrigation and add a smart controller
  • Use a broom to clean outdoor areas
  • Set mower blades to 3 inches
  • Use mulch

Information on Water-Wise Gardening

Rebate Programs

Toilet Retrofit

Smart Irrigation Controller (Weather Based Irrigation Controller)

Cash for Grass

Laundry to Landscape (Greywater)

Rainwater Harvesting

Recirculating Hot Water Pump

Free Water Conservation Supplies

The City is currently giving away Free Water Conservation Supplies.  These items help conserve water and provide basic information on easy ways to cut your household water consumption. Supplies are very limited and will be provided to water customers on a first-come, first-served basis. We currently have toilet dye tabs, water flow measuring bags, water-themed items for children, shower heads, and faucet aerators available. Check back for when new items become available as well! Stop by City Hall or the Public Works Office anytime during regular business hours for item pick up. These free supplies are also available at the St. Helena Farmers' Market every Friday (May through October).

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