Public Art: Donations & Installations

Park SculptureOverview

The City of St. Helena supports the placement of artwork in public places, recognizing the value of public art to our residents and visitors alike. The City recognizes that art provides cultural and economic benefits for residents and visitors. Therefore, it is important to promote, support, and increase the creation of public art displays within St. Helena to provide an opportunity for personal and community reflection, promote the City's attributes and enhance its image for the enjoyment and benefit of the residents, businesses, employees, and visitors.

On August 8, 2023, the St. Helena City Council approved two pilot programs and policies:

  • Mural Permit Application: For artwork proposed on private/commercial buildings
  • Public Art Donation and Installation Application: For artwork proposed to be placed in a public facility (City park, building, or right-of-way)

Both processes are intended to support community initiatives to increase public art, creativity, and vibrancy within our community. Both programs are currently in a pilot phase, and may be modified over time. The two processes are summarized below, with the full documents provided in the file links at the bottom of the page:

Permit & Application Process:

Mural Permit Process

Proposals on privately-owned property

  • Completed Mural Permit Application that includes the creator of the mural, approval from property owner, and detailed information about proposed artwork.
  • Depending on the location, may require public noticing requirements.
  • Approval or denial completed at the staff level: Community Development Director.
  • No proposed application fees at this time. All installation costs are the responsibility of the applicant.

Public Art Donation & Installations Process

Proposals for City Parks, facilities, right-of-ways

  • Completed Public Art Donation and Installation Application detailing proposed artwork and location. Will include information about the artwork, creator, and individual or organization sponsoring the temporary or permanent donation of artwork.
  • Initial review at staff level for feasibility of artwork installation and proposed location.
  • Formal review and approval/denial with the Parks and Recreation Commission, or other applicable commission.
  • Completion of City's Donation and Charitable Gifts application for those pieces that are intended to be permanently donated to the City.
  • No proposed application fees at this time. All installation, maintenance, and deaccession costs are the responsibility of the applicant.

Questions & Contacts

If you are interested in initiating a community art project or donation, we highly recommend that you connect with City staff first to discuss your project in general terms and feasibility.

  • Mural Permit Contact: Community Development Department
  • Public Art Donation/Installation Contact: Parks and Recreation Department