Bimonthly Utility Billling

As always, the main focus is providing excellent customer service and this transition will help provide clarity with customer bills and charges and allow greater efficiencies within City departments. The bimonthly billing cycle does not change customer costs, which remain the same. Bills will be processed six times per year instead of 12. Although billing will be done bimonthly, Public Works staff will continue to identify and alert customers monthly if there is a potential water leak.

Benefits of Bimonthly Billing

  • Improves alignment of due dates and payments
  • Produces savings of almost $34,000 annually due
  • Improves billing accuracy
  • Reduces shutoff notices by approximately 50%
  • Reduce customer concerns that result from overlapping billing cycles and payment due dates

With the return to a bimonthly billing cycle, customers pay their bill every two months instead of monthly. The calculation of the utility rates and the amount paid will be the same. It will just be collected six times per year instead of 12.

Bimonthly Bill Schedule

January 1 to February 28March 1 to April 30May 1 to June 30July 1 to August 31September 1 to October 31November 1 to December 31
Two-month bill issued mid-MarchTwo-month bill issued mid-MayTwo-month bill issued mid-JulyTwo-month bill issued mid-Sept.Two-month bill issued mid-Nov.Two-month bill issued mid-Jan.

Note: payment is due 30 days from the bill issue date. City staff encourages customers to sign up for auto-pay and/or manage their account online.

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