Public Works Permits

Public Works Permits Are Required For:

  • Work performed in the City right-of-way or on City-owned property
  • Projects that require grading activities that move 100+ cubic yards of soil
  • Installing banners over Main Street
  • Protected tree removal or any work on a public tree
  • Drilling a well on private property
  • Access to untreated (raw) water

The following types of permits are issued by the Public Works Department.

Permits can be submitted through an online form by clicking on the permit name below.

  • Encroachment Permit 
    An encroachment permit is necessary when anyone (including utility companies, residents, and contractors) works in the City right-of-way, City-owned land, and/or within a City easement. A few examples include: installing or modifying sidewalk, curb, or gutter. Installing or modifying a driveway approach. Applicants can apply for a Major Encroachment Permit or a Minor Encroachment Permit
  • Banner Permit 
    Authorization to hang a banner across Main Street at 1335 Main Street, St. Helena.
  • Tree Removal Permit
    All trees located in the City right-of-way are covered by Section 17.10 of the Municipal Code. If you wish to prune, root prune, remove, or replace any trees in the City right-of-way, a tree permit/contract and encroachment permit/contract will be required.
  • Grading Permit 
    Authorization by the city to perform grading work in private property. Permits require information on excavation, slope of area, fill depth and quantity, drainage, erosion control methods and proximity to streams creeks or other natural drainage areas. 
  • Raw Water Permit
    Municipal Code § 13.04.080 Non-treated (Raw) Water from Lower Reservoir: City in its discretion may provide non-treated (raw) water from its Lower Reservoir to be used for grading, dust control, street, pipeline, or similar construction activities, as well as for irrigation.
  • Transportation Permit
    Transportation permits are required within the City of St Helena when a vehicle and/or vehicle load is larger than the following dimensions: 8’6” in width, 14’ in height, 40’ in length (single unit) or 65’ in length (combo unit).
  • Well Permit 
    Application to construct a water well to tap into the underground aquifer on private property in compliance with St. Helena Well Ordinance 2021-1.

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In an ongoing effort to increase efficiency and continuous improvement, St. Helena is updating our Public Works permitting process. We are now accepting and encouraging permits to be submitted via email only to

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