Tree City USAThere are more than 3,400 Tree Cities USA and St. Helena is proud to be among them. A Tree City strongly encourages the growth of trees within its municipality and promotes the well-being and importance of having trees within an urban community. Tree City USA designations are given out to cities that meet four core standards:

  • Maintain a tree board or department
  • Have a community tree ordinance
  • Spend at least $2 per capita on urban forestry
  • Celebrate Arbor Day.

Communities with a thriving urban forest offer advantages such as reduced sounds of traffic, reduced energy costs, and improved mental and physical health.

Among the many beautiful trees across the city, St. Helena boasts 15 Heritage Trees designated by the City Council based on community member nominations. Trees can be nominated based on their historical significance, for being a unique or rare horticultural specimen, or their significance for habitat preservation to name a few. See our Heritage Tree Brochure and Map below for more information on our Heritage Trees and how to nominate one for Heritage Status.

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