MCE Empowering Our Clean Energy FutureSt. Helena Energy Options

St. Helena City Council has voted to offer electricity ratepayers within the City of St. Helena additional choices for their electricity. On November 24, 2015, City Council voted to request membership into MCE, a local, not-for-profit community choice electricity provider. The request was approved by MCE's Board of Directors on April 21, 2016, finalizing the program for St. Helena electricity ratepayers. Starting in September of 2016 electricity ratepayers in St. Helena are automatically opted into MCE's Light Green program. However, all electricity ratepayers have the option to choose from a variety of MCE programs or revert back to basic PG&E services.

How it Works

MCE provides additional choices for electricity ratepayers by replacing PG&E electricity generation with choices for renewable energy generation products. PG&E continues to provide transmission and distribution of electricity, monthly billing to customers, and natural gas services. By joining MCE, electric customers will have the choice of 60% or 100% renewable electricity with MCE, or continuing with PG&E's 38% renewable electricity service. Electricity ratepayers can opt out of MCE's program at any time and return to PG&E for their electricity generation. By choosing MCE service, you are contributing to your community's clean energy future.

How MCE Works

Discounts & Customer Programs

State-funded discount programs including the California Alternative Rates for Energy (CARE), Family Energy Rate Assistance (FERA), and medical baseline will remain in place and continue to be administered by PG&E. PG&E employee discounts also remain in effect.

MCE offers a variety of residential rebates and incentives as well as business solutions and offers for customers.

Net Metered (Solar) Customers

MCE offers a net energy metering program that is competitive with PG&E's. Find complete details of this program and how it changes when customers enroll in MCE service.

More Information

To learn more about MCE's program and determine what electricity service is right for you, please visit Customers may also call MCE at (888) 632-3674.

Upcoming Meetings & Events

Those interested may participate in meetings and visit MCE at special events to learn more about MCE programs. 

Financial Assistance and Energy Saving Programs