St. Helena Assets Planning Engagement (SHAPE) Committee


  • Wednesdays at 8 p.m.
  • Vintage Hall Board Room
    465 Main Street
    St. Helena, CA 94574

The SHAPE Committee concluded its business at the June 25, 2018 Special Joint City Council/SHAPE meeting.

Agendas & Minutes

Agendas are available prior to the meetings. Minutes are available following approval.

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The SHAPE Committee consists of eleven members appointed by the City Council.


The City Council is planning to conduct a Facilities Condition and Needs Assessment (FCNA) to document and analyze the City's existing built facilities to assist the City with prioritizing capital improvements.

The general purpose of the St. Helena Assets Planning Engagement (SHAPE) Committee will be to identify alternatives to address deficiencies and opportunities identified in the FCNA, challenges identified in the Long Range Financial Forecast (LRFF) and feasibility of concepts identified in the 2009 Visioning Statement (e.g. library expansion, civic building/amphitheater, community center, etc.). Additionally, the Committee will be identifying financial strategies (along with identifying consequences and trade-offs) for City Council consideration to address identified deficiencies, opportunities and/or utilization of community assets.

The facilities the SHAPE Committee will be considering are: Carnegie, City Hall/Police Department, Fire Station, Former CDF Office Building, Head Start Building, Public Works Corporation Yard, Scout Hall, Signorelli Barn, St. Helena Public Library, and the Teen Center. Further information regarding these locations can be found in the documents below.

View Final SHAPE Committee Report (PDF).

Supporting Documents

  1. 01.17.18 EMG FCNA Presentation (PDF)
  2. 02.07.18 Kosmont Presentation (PDF)
  3. 02.21.18 Informational Workshop (PDF)
  4. 03.14.18 Facility Needs Assessment (PDF)
  5. 03.14.18 Space Analysis (PDF)
  6. 03.27.18 LRFF St Helena March 2018 (PDF)
  7. 03.28.18 Kosmont Presentation (PDF)
  8. 03.28.18 SHAPE Focus Group Summary (PDF)
  9. 04.03.18 Kosmont City Hall Relocation Options Updated (PDF)
  10. 04.03.18 Presentation by Kosmont City Hall Relocation Options (PDF)
  11. 10.02.17 EMG Proposal-Scope of Work (PDF)
  12. 11.29.17 Financial Overview Presentation (PDF)
  13. 12017 EMG Presentation (PDF)
  14. 2.28.18 Draft Idea for Decision Making Process (PDF)
  15. 2.28.18 Results of the Exercise at the February 28, 2018 Meeting (PDF)
  16. 2.28.18 Synthesis of Work Submitted by Committee Members (PDF)
  17. 2.28.18 Updated list of Values, Needs and Negative Attributes (PDF)
  18. 2009 Visioning Statement (PDF)
  19. 2015 Feasibility Analysis and Site Comparison Study (PDF)
  20. 2016 Brown Act Presentation (PDF)
  21. 2017 City of St. Helena Facilities Condition and Needs Assessment RFP (PDF)
  22. 2017 St. Helena Financial Health Diagnostic (PDF)
  23. 5.26.18 Final SHAPE Report (PDF)
  24. 847 Hunt Avenue Stabo Property (PDF)
  25. A Guide to the Ralph M. Brown Act (PDF)
  26. A Primer on California City Revenues (PDF)
  27. City Hall - Police Station (PDF)
  28. City Hall-Police Department Preliminary Field Summary (PDF)
  29. City-Owned Parcels Map (PDF)
  30. Copy of Replacement Reserves (PDF)
  31. Facilities Tour Booklet (PDF)
  32. Focus Group Survey Results (PDF)
  33. Long Range Financial Forecast (2015-2025) (PDF)
  34. Property Visioning Exercise - Summary (PDF)
  35. Resolution Establishing SHAPE (PDF)
  36. Restricted Appraisal Report - Teen Center (PDF)
  37. Restricted Appraisal Report City Hall - Police Dept. (PDF)
  38. SHAPE Weekly Meetings Flyer (PDF)
  39. Signorelli Barn (PDF)
  40. Staff Report Establishing SHAPE (PDF)
  41. Synthesis of Work Submitted by Committee Members (DOCX)
  42. Teen Center (PDF)
  43. Tentative Public Engagement Strategy Calendar (PDF)
  44. Updated Asset Management Options Criteria Matrix (PDF)