Community Survey

2022 Resident Satisfaction Survey

Community surveys are increasingly used by cities to solicit feedback from residents on a wide variety of topics. The community survey serves as a tool to assist the City Council and staff in setting goals, evaluating community needs, developing future budgets, planning capital projects, and identifying improvements to city programs.

On December 7, 2022, the City entered into a contract (STH Contract: FY2023-020) with Godbe Research for Godbe to conduct a Community Survey. Godbe has been employed by public and private sectors in the United States and internationally, and is providing research in neighboring jurisdictions including Calistoga and has also completed work for the City of Napa.

Survey participants were selected randomly to participate in this survey. The survey incorporated questions regarding quality of life, budgeting, and high-level satisfaction questions, all of which will inform policy discussions and will allow the City to establish a baseline for future biennial surveys.

Recognizing the importance of community feedback and the value that it has on identifying priorities, a statistically valid Community Survey was conducted with the following research objectives:

  • Gauge overall perceptions of quality of life in Saint Helena and important issues facing the City;
  • Gauge overall satisfaction with the City's provision of services;
  • Assess importance of and satisfaction with City specific services, programs and facilities;
  • Gauge perceptions of social equity in the City;
  • Gauge satisfaction with Police Department response, park and recreation services, and other City departments' customer service response;
  • Understand usage of the public library;
  • Assess perceptions of City funding and preferences for generating revenue; and
  • Identify any differences in opinions based on demographic characteristics

The survey by Godbe Research (GRA) and interviewing partner McGuire Research was conducted from December 7, 2022, through December 15, 2022. On average, interviews were approximately 22 minutes in length, and a total of 364 Street Helena residents participated in the survey; 348 surveys were conducted in English and 16 surveys conducted in Spanish. These were resulting in a margin of error of plus or minus 4.96% for polling results.

The results from the Community Survey were presented to City Council on February 14, 2023 (PDF).

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