Dining Guide

St. Helena Dining Guide

Below is a listing of over 30 locations in the City of St. Helena for dining within the City! The incredible diversity of venues and cuisines will keep you coming back to our family-friendly community! Need even more help choosing - check out Napa Valley's restaurant rankings on for a list of Best St. Helena Restaurants. Come experience a taste of St. Helena. Your table is ready!

St. Helena Restaurants

(alphabetical order)
Did we miss one? Email website@cityofsthelena.org to be included. 

More information about existing businesses is available from the St. Helena Chamber of Commerce or on StHelena.com.

A&W501 Main Street
Acacia House1915 Main Street
Azteca789 Main Street
The Bakery Café (Culinary Institute of America)
2555 Main Street
Caffe della Valle
1142 Main Street
Charlie's1327 Railroad Ave
Clif Family Bruscheteria / Food Truck709 Main Street / 1334 Vidovich Lane
Cook St. Helena
1310 Main Street
Erosion Tap House - Winery & Brewery, Bottle Shop1232 - 1234 Main Street
Farmstead at Long Meadow Ranch738 Main Street
Gatehouse Restaurant (Culinary Institute of America)2555 Main Street
Gillwoods Café1313 Main Street
Goose & Gander
1245 Spring Street
Gott's Roadside
933 Main Street
Guigni's Deli
1227 Main Street
Harvest Table1 Main Street
Himalayan Sherpa Kitchen
1148 Main Street
La Prima Pizza1010 Adams Street
Market Restaurant
1347 Main Street
Napa Valley Coffee Roasting Company1400 Oak Ave
NO|MA House1429 Main Street
Roman Holiday Gelato1336 Oak Ave
Pizzeria Tra Vigne1016 Main Street
Ray Ray's Tacos (opening soon)1304 Main Street
Safeway - Deli1026 Hunt Ave
Sunshine Foods Market - Deli
1115 Main Street
St. Helena Bistro
1146 Main Street
St. Helena Farmers' Market (May through October)
Crane Park (360 Crane Ave)
Station Pizza1149 Spring Street (1149 Main Street)
The Charter Oak Restaurant1050 Main Street
The Model Bakery
1357 Main Street
The Station1153 Main Street
Villa Corona
1138 Main Street

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