Why was the notice sent in color?

To provide as much detail and clarity to each of our water users, the decision was made to print the document in color. The decision to send the notice in color was made for several reasons. First, color printing makes the document more visually appealing and engaging, increasing the likelihood that recipients will read and pay attention to the information provided. Second, color can be used to highlight important sections, key data, graphs and charts. This makes it easier for recipients to understand the information provided in the document. By leveraging color printing, the City is able to enhance comprehension and ensure that the information is effectively conveyed to the recipients.

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1. Why was this notice needed? Why couldn’t it just be a brief mention in my normal water bill with a link to an online resource?
2. Why did I get the notice in English and Spanish?
3. Why was the notice sent on cardstock?
4. Why was the notice sent in color?
5. Why was the protest form not included with the original mailing?