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Pickleball Update: June 23, 2023

The resurfacing work for the pickleball conversion project at Crane Park is complete and the courts are now open for community use!

This project has been several years in the making and we look forward to seeing the courts in use. Please note that we will be utilizing a six-month pilot period to monitor use and may add additional scheduling details, court guidelines, and facility modifications as deemed necessary.

In the spring of 2023, The Parks and Recreation Commission and City Council reviewed and approved a plan to transition one tennis court (court Number six) into four pickleball courts.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our office by calling (707) 968-9222 or emailing Parks & Recreation.

About the Courts

Crane Park has six lighted courts that are open to the general public. The facility was recently resurfaced, and a new green and blue color scheme gives the courts a new vibrant look similar to what you can see at the U.S Open. In addition, we installed new fencing and a hitting backboard, and benches have been refurbished. Still to be completed is the LED lighting system that would replace the original lights. There is plenty of parking available on the north and south sides of the tennis courts. Live nearby? Consider riding your bike or walking - help us reduce CO2 emissions.

Using the Courts

Court use is on a first come, first serve basis. At this time, we do not reserve the courts for individual matches or league play. However, USTA leagues are encouraged to coordinate amongst themselves to avoid scheduling conflicts. The Parks and Recreation department is evaluating the need for court scheduling and may implement a reservation process.

Using the Lights for Evening Play

Court lighting can be used for play when daylight conditions tend to diminish as the sun sets. Users are asked to turn the lights off when they finish play and to not leave them on unless another group of players is ready to take that particular court. Courts that do not have players on them should not have the lights on and we ask that users be considerate of our neighbors and shut them off to minimize light pollution into the adjacent neighborhood.

Currently, use of the lights is at no charge. As part of its fees study, the City is looking at implementing a pay-to-use lighting program once a new LED lighting system is installed.

Tennis programming: looking to develop your tennis game or get involved in a tennis league?

Tennis Pro: Chris Cheng, USPTA Certified Pro

A local teaching Pro since the early 2000s, Chris' enthusiasm for the sport and gameplay in general has led him to pursue, grow, and share his knowledge full time. He's happy to work with people of all ages and levels, and during the spring you can find him leading the Saints high school tennis program. One of his specialties is understanding the person standing in front of him and helping them to achieve shared goals, specifically improving at the game of tennis. He believes in a healthy lifestyle, and that physical activity and play is foundational. Chris' passion for the game is contagious and he believes everybody should be playing the lifelong sport.

Tennis Camps

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USTA Tennis Leagues for Adults

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