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City of St. Helena Residential Utility Application

  1. Please complete the Residential Utility Application below.

    If you would like to start service for a commercial property, please contact the Utility Billing Department at (707) 968-2745.

  2. Description of Charges

    Fixed Charges: are set according to service size. Its purpose is to assist in recovering the costs of system maintenance, meter reading, customer service and billing. Water Fixed Charges apply to all water accounts and Waste Water Fixed Charges to all waste water accounts.

    Water Usage Charges: A monthly usage charge based on the amount of water used during the billing period and cover the costs of buying and delivering water.

    Sewer Usage Charges: A monthly usage charge is required in addition to the fixed charges. The usage is based on the average winter water use, determined as the average monthly usage from January through March. Months of zero usage are to be excluded from the averaging. The usage charge is to be adjusted annually, in April, based on the newest winter average.

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  4. Type of Service
  5. By entering my name on this form I certify the information provided is accurate and true. I am aware of and agree to comply with the Water and Waste Water System Rules and Regulations identified in the St. Helena Municipal Code. I am the party responsible for payment of any water and/or waste water fees for the property listed above. I am aware that it is my responsibility to keep this application updated, and will inform Utility Billing of any changes to account information. I am aware that I am financially responsible for all fees if I fail to notify the City in writing of my request to discontinue service. If I choose to have my water service shut off, the water quality may be impacted and it will be my responsibly to flush my water system to ensure water quality as needed. The water meter is property of the City of St. Helena. Turning on or off, tampering with or adjusting the meter is prohibited. Failure to comply with Water and Waste Water System Rules and Regulations or falsifying information subjects water/waste water service to termination and possible criminal prosecution.

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