Utility Billing Policies & Assistance Programs

  1. Leak Adjustment Assistance

    The City of St. Helena is committed to preventing water waste but also understands that, infrequently, a water leak may occur. Water leaks result in water use charges for excess water used (or lost) by a customer. This policy provides relief to St. Helena Water Customers who have had a leak that is not due to negligent or willful acts.

  2. Low-Income Assistance

    The City of St. Helena offers a 50% reduction on base rates to eligible customers on their Utility bill. Eligible customers are approved within 60 days after submitting an application. The discount will be applied to the base rates on the Utility bill following the date the application is approved. If customer demand exceeds projected subsidy, a waitlist will be created. The waitlist is first come-first served when funds become available.

  3. Payment Arrangements

    If you need assistance paying your water bill and would like to avoid late fees, you can file a Hardship Extension Application with the City. The Hardship Extension Application allows for you to breakdown your payments over a 12 month period.